Pupil Premium & Service Children

Last modified: April 24, 2018

The Government allocates funding to schools to support raising attainment for specific groups of children these groups include children who are eligible for free school meals, children in care and children who have a parent who works in the armed services.

School and Governors work in partnership to carefully plan how we allocate this funding according to the needs of our children.

The table below highlights targeted action.


  • 86 Children on roll
  • 20 children are entitled FSM/Adopted (23.8%) – 0 children are Ever 6 and 1 child is CIC = £3,600.00 (inc. CIC)
  • 1 cic is CIC (1.19%)
  • 6 children are service children (7.14%) = £1,800.00
  • School total = £5,400.00

Sports Premium 2016/2017

Pupil Premium funding

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement – July 2017ST L

Our school has a close working relationship with the Telford & Wrekin Early Inclusion Service. This enables us to quickly identify any barriers to learning.

Intended outcomes Action Monitoring
Identify PP children on the data tracker.
Provide interventions where pertinent.
To measure the impact of interventions.
Performance and Assessment Tracker specifically to carry out detailed tracking and assessment analysis of pupil premium linked children and plan intervention support. SG / SENCo Half termly analysis to highlight children not meeting/exceeding targets or fulfilling potential.
SENCO report to governors
RML fresh start (2) 45 minutes a week (3 x 15 minutes) with TA Weekly by the TA
Summative half termly
Maths Pre learning (2) 105 minutes
1 x 15 mental oral maths
60 session springboard / focussed maths
30 x prior learning language focus group.
TA and class teacher dialogue.
Half termly data tracker
Reading invention pathway (4) Parents trained by SENCo to use RML phonics based materials at home. Books changed twice weekly by SENCo and TA. Parents have regular dialogue with SENCo to ensure programme being carried out as required.
SENCo assess childrens’ reading regularly.
Half termly data tracker
Focussed phonics intervention (1) 3 x 10 minutes weekly speed sounds Half termly speed sounds assessment
(Yr1) More able reading 1:2 (1) 3 x 15 minutes weekly.
1 x yellow box card
2 x higher level guided reading book
Half termly data tracker. Progress throughout the box cards and reading books.
(Y1) 1:1 reading 1 x 15 minutes (TA)
2 x 15 minutes (trained parents)
Reading eggs
Half termly data tracker
Dialogue with readers.


Actions Intended Outcomes Impact to Date
Performance and Assessment Tracker specifically to carry out detailed tracking and assessment analysis of pupil premium linked children and plan intervention support. Analysing data and reporting findings to Senior managers and Governors
Co-coordinating additional support and monitoring effectiveness of provision and measuring impact
Organising 1:1 work with pupils with complex needs.
Detailed analysis of data for all pupil premium linked children completed
Detailed knowledge of where pupil premium linked children are in school and how they are performing
All teaching staff aware of vulnerable children in their care
Regular monitoring role ensures checking on progress.
Special Educational Needs coordinator released to plan and direct teaching assistants in targeted intervention. Intervention is planned to a very detailed level with support being targeted at pupil premium children. Termly review days involve all staff discussing and allocating teaching assistants to support children. Pre and post assessment data shows the impact of intervention on pupil premium linked pupils.
Outside agencies engaged to support removing barriers to learning. To provide extra support for vulnerable pupils through group mentoring. Fewer poor behaviour incidents from within vulnerable groups
Data shows an improving picture.
Contribution towards high interest guided reading material for boys. To provide stimulating materials especially for home school link. The reading offer is much improved across school Increased enthusiasm for reading.
Improved reading attainment.
Volunteer reading project. Increased reading levels for boys. Boys enjoyed reading with a male support reader. Increased enthusiasm in reading.
Subsidising school trips to allow ‘all’ pupils to attend despite growing ‘real’ costs to allow trips to go ahead. No child being disadvantaged from missing school trips which could have a direct link on future learning and follow up. We have always managed to do this with great affect. It is difficult to measure the impact but know that school trips are a wonderful stimulus for children.
Brought in Further LSAT sessions to allow ‘early detection’ of possible barriers to learning in younger children.
To give high quality intervention strategies to support personalised learning in school for pupil premium children.
High staff knowledge of barriers to learning.
High quality IEP writing.
Close linked activities that enable rapid growth.
Year on year improvements in attainment data for pupil premium linked children.
Booking in external providers to enhance learning. A rich and varied offer of visitors to school to enhance the curriculum for all pupils. Pupils gain a lot of enjoyment and motivation from e.g. theatre visits to school.