Last modified: December 2, 2015

St Lawrence endeavours to identify children with Special Education Needs and also if your child has exceptional gifts and/or talents in areas of learning, as soon as possible.

We will always inform parents when it is thought that a child needs additional support with learning.

These children may be supported individually or in a small group within their class base as appropriate to their learning needs. The first stage of pupil support is School Action, this is followed by School Action Plus, when one or more outside agencies will be involved in assessing the pupil (this requires parental consent). The school has a Special Educational Needs Policy, which is available under the School Policies on this website.

Mrs Brettell, the SEN co-ordinator, will work together with the class teacher to write an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The outside agencies who are involved with the school include the Local Authority’s Learning Support team, the Educational Psychologist, the Sensory Advisory Support teachers, Speech and/or Occupational Therapists.

We are committed to the view that all children are of equal value and have equal rights to education whatever their race, gender, class, disability, learning need, age or religion. This is central to the school’s philosophy and ethos. The school has an Equality Policy which is available under the School Policies on this website.