Complaints and Concerns

Last modified: February 12, 2016

Parental Concerns/complaints arrangements

At St Lawrence we have an ‘open door’ policy. Parents are welcome to share concerns, comments and ideas with us at any time. This can be done with any member of staff depending on your needs. We believe that the best interests of the pupils are paramount. To this end we encourage early discussion of problems.

We believe that problems can be handled more effectively when a complaint is;

  • Made politely
  • Received sympathetically
  • Dealt with speedily to the satisfaction of all concerned

We have a preferred system of dealing with complaints;

  •  Minor problems should be taken directly to the class teacher. If you are not satisfied with the outcome please speak to the Headteacher.
  • More serious complaints should be explained to the Headteacher who is available personally / by telephone or via email if absent from school on school business.
  • A parent who is not satisfied with this outcome should contact the Chair of Governors in writing c/o the school.
  • A complaint may be made directly to the Education Department of Telford and Wrekin Council if you are still unsatisfied with the outcome.

“For all other complaints or concerns parents and others are encouraged to raise them initially with the head teacher (schools to include other names and status where appropriate) who will be able to discuss them either there and then or at a mutually agreed time. Should it not be possible to resolve any complaint or concern satisfactorily, in this way, the complaint should be put in writing and sent or given to the head teacher. If you would like assistance in setting out your complaint the school will, if asked, help you to do this, facilitating access to translation services where necessary. The school will then deal with your complaint as follows: –

  •  formally acknowledge it within five school working days.
  •  tell you the name and telephone number of the person looking into your complaint.
  •  respond to it within twenty school working days or, if it is not possible to give you a complete answer, tell you what is being done to investigate and how long it is expected to take.
  •  tell you if your complaint has to be dealt with under a separate procedure.

If, when you have received your response, you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can write to the chair of governors (c/o the school) who will arrange for the governing body’s complaints committee to consider what you still wish to say.Thereafter should you remain dissatisfied and want to take the matter further you will be informed of who else you can write to at that time.

A full statement of the school’s complaints policy can be obtained from the school.