Children’s Role & Responsibilities

Last modified: April 18, 2018

School Council

Our school council meets regularly with Mr Lambie. Each year has a representative which changes every year. It is a very important role within the school, which children thoroughly enjoy and benefit from. The school council is a very important part of the school. They have the opportunity to meet candidtates for the new posts, they interviewed the head teacher, and they undertake questionnaires. The children can go to a school council member if they have any worries or ideas.

Jumping Jaxx

Year 6 children are trained in Jumping Jaxx playground games. They support the younger children in playing games and using the equipment. They also help to run the other games clubs.

Junior Road Safety Officers

We have 5 specially trained Junior Road Safety Officers who promote Road safety in and around school. They organise competitions, help the younger children when walking to church each week and encourage children to remind parents about road safety when parking in the village.