St. Lawrence Values & Guiding Principles

Last modified: July 11, 2017

Please take a moment to enjoy the following slideshow which displays ways in which we connect with our Christian Values and Guiding Principles here at St. Lawrence.
Listening and Learning
Respecting and Caring
Trusting and Forgiving
Helping and Supporting
Smiling and Inspiring.

Our principles grew from our framework for developing inspired individuals.

‘Working together to build a better world by developing inspired
individuals to be the best they can possibly be

Treating each child as a unique individual and
tailoring our approach to their personal needs.

Providing a safe, welcoming and happy school where everyone is
respected, valued and listened to.

Underpinning our teaching with Christian Values,
ensuring our faith is present in all that we do.

Striving to be the hub of our village community
and work with communities around our world.

Setting the highest standards of learning
and celebrating the achievements of each individual.

Ensuring that our children learn skills
that can be drawn on throughout their lives and careers.


Valuing all God’s Children guides our teaching at St. Lawrence. Links to the Christian Faith are made at every opportunity. The pupils enjoy exploring how their Christian faith is able to guide all aspects of their life. We believe our school to be deeply Christian serving the common good. Regular collective worship takes place each day with a planned worship taking place in St. Lawrence Church every Tuesday morning. As well as adults leading our worship, the School Council lead a pupil led Sharing Assembly each Friday, where pupil achievement during the week is recognised and celebrated.

Pupils enjoy expressing their Christian values through Easter, Harvest and Christmas Plays in Church. Acting out the stories from the Bible is very important in bringing to life the learning in class. They enjoy adapting real life situations to show how a Christian would respond. Teach and instruct each other with all wisdom.

As well as the acting in church, opportunities to use drama in RE lessons is valued. Let us learn together what is good. Drama in class was used to re enact the days leading up to the Crucifiction and the Crucifiction itself. The pupils very much enjoyed  our Last Supper re enactment. This took place outside on our school playground with our Rector, parents were also invited to share in the experience. It was a deeply moving experience for all. For many years we have taken part in the Open Door sessions at Lichfield Cathedral, Shrewsbury Abbey and All Saints, Wellington. After each visit the children comment on how much more connected to Christian values they feel.

Recently we have opened our Reflection Garden. A beautiful and peaceful space for the children to enjoy. We were supported in its construction by people connected with the school and the wider community who really believed in the project and who gave up precious time and donations of equipment and plants to see it successfully completed. As part of the design we created a living cross made from lavender plants and a quiet, secluded area with tepees for the practise of Mindfulness. The children have really embraced  the concept of Mindfulness and enjoy using the garden and the classroom to explore how this can help their learning. Encourage one another and build each other up.

Although we are a Christian school we recognise that pupils do have differing beliefs and that these beliefs should also be valued. We feel it is very important that all our children have the opportunity to learn about other faiths so they better understand the diverse world that we live in.