About our School

Last modified: December 2, 2015

At St Lawrence we aim to ensure that every child and their family enjoy all aspects of school life. We place great importance on children being happy and in working together as a community with all around us. This includes St Lawrence Church, local residents, health professionals and police, parents, carers and grandparents, as well as other children and school staff.

All members of this community work as a team to ensure that children learn through caring and supportive relationships with one another in a safe and purposeful environment.

We believe that it is through creativity and first-hand experience that children learn best. We strive to make sure that children are enthusiastic about their work and motivated to learn. We recognise that children need to be in the correct emotional state to learn and work together with families to support one another in this. We want communication with parents and all school partners to be open, honest and supportive so that we can celebrate achievements and work together in times of difficulty.

At St Lawrence we value all pupils equally and educate each pupil to achieve their full potential, no matter where their talents or interests lie and regardless of children’s abilities. They are all entitled to the very best education. We have high expectations of all children and encourage them to have high expectations and aspirations for themselves too.

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