School Timetable & Term Dates

Last modified: September 21, 2017

​School Opens ​08:45am
​Registration 08:55am – 09:00am​
​Morning Session starts ​09:00am
​Morning Sessions ends 12:00 noon​
​Afternoon Sessions starts 1:00pm​
Afternoon Sessions ends ​3:05pm

Assemblies and worship takes place every day for 20 minutes.

  • Monday – Worship led by Ms Blackburn.
  • Tuesday – Worship in church led by Mr Lambie.
  • Wednesday – Key Stage worship led by teaching team.
  • Thursday – Singing Assembly led by teaching team.
  • Friday – Celebration Assembly led by the school council.

There is a morning break of 15 minutes for all children.

Parents of children in all classes are warmly welcome to come into the classroom at 08:45am until 08:55am.

At the end of the day children are brought to the playground area by the class teacher, who supervises children to ensure they are collected by an authorised adult. Children will not be released to an adult unknown to the teaching staff without prior notification. Please notify the school office if another adult is collecting your child.


Academic year 2017/2018

Autumn Term 2017/18
Term Dates Tue 5th September 2017 Fri 15th December 2017
Half Term Dates Mon 23rd  October 2017 Fri 27th October 2017
PD Days Mon 4th September 2017


Spring Term 2017/18
Term Dates Wed 3rd January 2018 Thurs 29th March 2018
Half Term Dates Mon 19th February 2018 Fri 23rd February 2018
PD Days Tue 2nd January 2018


Summer Term 2017/18
Term Dates Mon 16th April 2018 Fri 20th July 2018
Half Term Dates Mon 28th May 2018 Fri 1st  June 2018
PD Days Mon 23rd / 24th July 2018
Bank Holiday Mon 7th  May 2018