Twinned School

Last modified: June 14, 2017

As part of Global School Partnership funded by the British Council and supported by Diocese of Lichfield , St Lawrence is twinned with a community school in Naitiri, north eastern Kenya.


Mrs Gaskell visited our twinned school earlier this year.

She had a wonderful time sharing and learning with our Kenyan friends. Prior to her visit we had received some beautifully written letters from the children at Naitiri Primary School, we were pleased to be able to send replies written by our children with Mrs Gaskell. They very much enjoyed reading them all and learning about our school and church. The school is run by the Quaker Faith. Mrs Gaskell was lucky enough to visit five churches and five schools during her visit.


Please enjoy the photographs of her visit. We send the children and staff every blessing from the children and staff here at St. Lawrence.